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Smart School Connect A SMART EDUCATION APP

"Comprehensive solution and transformation of your educational institution."

Welcome to TeachMate, We are one of the market leading company who provides world-class global service to its associated Clients, also we provide consistent support and help to the Clients in better understanding of our products and services. We are the team of young and passionate people who are ready to face tough challenges on the path of success. We are the number one source in Educational ERP Management System for international Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutes. We're dedicated in providing the prime quality of product with its assistance and maintenance, with the main focus on the attributes; timeliness, customer service, creativity, enthusiasm and uniqueness. The corporate culture and environment believes in resistance and resilience, with more learning abilities and sincere efforts in growing with the company as one. This system is flexible in terms of size, capability and scope. There are different packages to implement in different size of organization, from small to very big institutes can enhance their education system.

We have come a long way from where we started. When we initially started out, our passion and eagerness grew more with the maturing period, which drove us to accelerate in our competencies and area of operation, and gave us impulse force to hard work and transform into to a one of the strong leader in our industry. We are also now growing globally and serves the international customers all over the world, and are thrilled to be a part of the ERP industry.

Our team of developers and designers at Smart School Connect mainly use the latest technologies in order to create, design a Web, Mobile or other Applications. Our developers follow proper guidelines to test all the new and innovative techniques, even so after considerable research we take final decision of employing them for clients. The developers are well versed with different programming languages which further help them to master the art-of-building next generation applications, they try to understand the client requirement and needs to build the web page or applications.

We will convert all your daily accounting and other interfaces into digital entities and will be easy-to-access and operate for all kind of users. Also, it is not only designed and developed by experienced designers and developers but it has been closely monitored by expert educationists.

We hope our product will satisfy the client's needs as much as we enjoy making and creating them in our work shops with much genuineness and potency. If you have any queries or comments, or suggestion please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Makers

Smart School Connect offers prodigious software development services with various server-side advances such as Android, IOS, Windows, HTML, PHP, .NET, JavaScript that helps us in providing the following services in the most consequential manner.

Our team of developers and designers accept the latest technologies in order to design a web, mobile or any kind of Applications. The developers try and test all the innovative and novel techniques and it is only after extensive research that they take the final decision of employing them for the clients. The developers at Silicon Valley are well versed with programming languages which further has enabled them to perfect the art of building next-generation applications. That's why the developers at Silicon Valley try to understand your needs and then tailor the web page or online web applications.